EQOA – Greetings Norrathians!

30 Aug

Hail </n> (or however you hotkeyed a name)!  I am Misticalmonk, a native of Hodstock. A server which existed on the game Everquest Online Adventures, an mmorpg released February, 11 2003 for the playstation 2. To my dismay, EQOA servers were secured on Thursday March 29th 2012. This blog is dedicated to all of my fellow veterans, and those who wish to gain knowledge of the experience I recieved while playing Everquest Online Adventures.


My very first experience with Everquest online adventures was in right after the game was released at the end of Feb 2003.  Having no MMORPG experience, I sat watching my cousin play pre-fronts, amazed he was able to go online with his PS2. We would stay up all night playing SOCOM, but this night he decided to introduce me to a different game and take a break from listening to famous one liners over and over again when throwing grenades. After the spinning cogs (loading screen) which seemed to take forever, he finally poped up in freeport. Amazed at seeing all these other blue names, differed size, shaped, armoured people in this desert looking town, i told him this looked lame. As he explained to me how a high-leveled-thirty-something shadowknight (like himself only darkelf (he was human eastern)) all i could do was get more and more sucked in to this vast game. I watched him for hours and he ran… and ran…. and ran… twards these “dots” (at the time i thought he was crazy as he searched forever for these “dots” to randomly pop up). I believe he was in queynos/wyndmonham area doing his 17 quests when i finally passed out after hours of him searching for these quests with a group.


A couple of months went by of us playing socom, watching him play, letting me play a few lowbie characters until in christmas 2003, I got for christmas my own ps2 internet adaptor, the brand new one month old EQOA: Frontiers, and my very own, 5lb, EQOA bible (prima strategy guide).  After 2 days of trying to set it up ( Dial up at the time -_-) I logged into Norrath for the first time, lo and behold what i knew i was getting myself into, onto my first character Misticalmonk, Hodstock.


So, my question to you vets. (if anyone reads this..)


What was your first expereince with EQOA? If you arent a vet, what was your first MMO?


-Misticalmonk, Hodstock

I don’t know, I’m just a (V)onk!